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CIKM 2010: my arbitrary pick

Friday, September 17th, 2010

The program of CIKM has just been released pdf

I randomly fished some papers. By randomly, I mean that I chose ┬ápapers based on whether a title/abstract suggests a research problem of our readers’ interest. Here you go.

  • Preserving Location and Absence Privacy in Geo-Social Networks
  • Inferring Gender of Movie Reviewers: Exploiting Writing generic viagra united states Style, Content and Metadata, Jahna Otterbacher
  • Pricing Guaranteed

    Contracts in Online Display Advertising

  • The Gist of Everything New: Personalized Top-k Processing over Web 2.0 Streams,
  • Web Search Solved? All Result Rankings the Same?
  • Travel Route Recommendation using Geotags in Photo Sharing Sites
  • Boosting Social Network Connectivity with Link Revival
  • Power in Unity: Forming Teams in Large-Scale Community Systems
  • You Are Where You Tweet: A Content-Based Approach to Geo-locating Twitter Users
  • Collaborative Future Event Recommendation
  • EUI: An Embedded Engine for Understanding User Intents from Mobile Devices
  • n WikiPop – Personalized Event Detection System Based on Wikipedia Page View Statistics
  • Evaluating, Combining and Generalizing Recommendations with Prerequisites
  • Classical Music for Rock Fans?: Novel Recommendations for Expanding User Interests (great problem. i hope to see more on this ;-))
  • Predicting Product Adoption in Large-Scale Social Networks