An interesting page of conference rankings can be found here. There is another great one here.

Recommender Systems:

RecSys: ACM International Conference on Recommender System

ReColl @ IUI: International Workshop on Recommendation and Collaboration @ Intelligent User Interfaces

WSDM: ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining.

WPRSIUI @ ICEIS: Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender Systems, and Intelligent User Interfaces @ International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

TRECK @ SAC: Trust, Recommendations, Evidence, and other Collaboration Know-How at the ACM Symposium of Applied Computing

EC – Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies

Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization & Recommender Systems @ AAAI

Workshop on Recommender Systems @ ECAI, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

IEEE/WIC/ACM Web Intelligence (WI)

A comprehensive list of conferences on music information retrieval and related events.

First International Workshop on Recommender Systems and Personalized Retrieval (RSPR 2008, submit by June 6 2008)

International Workshop TUMAS-A 2008: Web Intelligence & Intelligent Agent Technology in eLearning

SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (including workshops, eg Large Scale Recommender Systems & the Netflix Prize)

Recommender Systems on Wikipedia includes more links to conferences/journals, and another useful resource is the SIGIR Upcoming Events page.

Learning Systems: [submission-notification-conference]:

IJCAI [end June-mid Sept-...];

IAT (Jul 5-Sep 4);

AAMAS (Oct 23- Dec 19);

WWW(Nov 20-Jan 29);


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Networked Systems:

INFOCOM (Jun 25-Nov 12);


ICDCS (Nov 20-Mar 1);

SIGCOMM(Jan 24-May 4);

SECURECOMM (Mar 18-May 31);

Collaborative Systems:

EC (Nov 20-Fev 12);

CEC (Dec 22-Mar 31);

iTrust [mid Feb-mid Apr- ];

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