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Checking your bad mood at the office door

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


Having a positive attitude, even striving for cheerful, in the workplace isn’t always easy. The ability to be positive is an essential leadership skill and responsibility.

  • Studies on “emotional contagions” in professional settings: you can catch a bad mood + expressing positive emotions and moods tends to enhance performance at individual, group and organizational levels
  • To put on a happy face, the first step is self awareness followed by self control (managing how you respond to others). Admit to yourself that, yes, you’re in bad mood, and then make sure you keep your crabbiness under wraps.

Defriending can bruise your ‘digital ego’

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

CNN article

  • Researchers say our reaction to social rejection is the same whether it happens online or off
  • Elaine Fogel learned this after having a LinkedIn request be turned down
  • After experiencing online rejection, Kenneth Loflin altered the way he interacts online
  • Some users think you can avoid awkwardness of defriending by sending e-mail to explain

(plus from danah boyd (2006). Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace: ‘defriending’ someone by dropping them from a friend list can result – deliberately or accidentally – in upset feelings )