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Are you downloading copyrighted files? You are out!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

A proposal(*) backed by French president Nicolas Sarkozy: those people who download copyrighted material (using, for example, P2P networks) will get disconnected from the Internet by their ISPs.

“Like it or not, the total cost of Internet service will rise because French ISPs have signed on to the plan. They will now spend time and (tax) money enforcing copyright on their networks via expensive deep packet inspection (DPI) software that will monitor traffic on their networks and look for copyrighted content. Subscribers detected illicitly sharing or downloading copyrighted material will receive warnings, requiring additional administrative overhead. If the behavior continues, then Internet access would be guillotined. Most of this will be carried out by a government-funded independent authority overseen by a judge” (full post).

(*) I do not describe the proposal as being insane just for this reason: “Do not be hectoring or arrogant. Those who disagree with you are not necessarily stupid or insane. Nobody needs to be described as silly: let your analysis show that he is. When you express opinions, do not simply make assertions. The aim is not just to tell readers what you think, but to persuade them; if you use arguments, reasoning and evidence, you may succeed. Go easy on the oughts and shoulds. ” You may well understand to which category Mr. Sarkozy qualifies to belong.