Women’s A Line Skirt – Red Heart / White Arrow / Black

This red heart / white arrow / black a line skirt is great for fall and spring. It can be worn with a nice dress or for a more casual look you can wear it over jeans. The large collar with the three large black buttons is a very traditional look that says you have lots of class about you. When it gets warmer you can push the sleeves up and secure them with the strap and button provided. The a line skirt is mid-thigh in length which makes your legs look lean and long. You will be ahead of the fashion trends when you wear this a line skirt and all your friends will want one too. This available in the pretty blue as pictured but it can also be ordered in a very nice grey color. It has two large pockets in the front great for holding small items. This is available in a small, medium, large, and extra-large.

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