Color Psychology

Great post. Color psychology is a field of study devoted to analyzing the effect of color on human behavior and feelings.

Freedom-loving yellow is the symbol of vastness and openness, is regarded as the color of intellect – who loves yellow, has a great desire for freedom. Harmonious green is the primary color of nature – it symbolizes growth, healing and harmony. Those who love green, are reliable, have a lot of compassion and great social skills. In Islam and Judaism is the color of compassion. Loyal blue corresponds to the element of water and symbolizes peace – people who love blue are often admired: because of their solid charakter and deep loyalty. They often appear very distant and reserved. Powerful red is symbol of love, sex, excitement. People who love red are Power types – always one step ahead of all others. Motto: You can, if you want. In love they are very sensual.

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