Urban world: cities and the rise of the consuming class

this is the title of a recent mckinsey report. THE company built a database – called cityscope 2.0 – containing city rankings, projections of growth of urban markets, etc. from the executive summary (pdf), i learnt that

p. 6 - Exhibit E4. Consumer goods tend to follow an adoption S-curve as incomes rise. more interestingly, there are two key points: First, as incomes rise, consumers choose where they spend

the additional available income, and some products take off at lower incomes than others. Second, products and services vary in the shape of their adoption curve and then in the rate of growth of mature, well-penetrated markets.

p. 9 “To capture the significant opportunity that urbanization offers them, companies need to take a scientific approach to locating the most promising markets for their businesses. … Cities that fail to meet the aspirations of the millions who are migrating in search of better opportunities run

the risk of congestion, pollution, and insufficient public services becoming barriers to growth. “

the growth figures are impressive… how to put it? growing cities, and their rising consumer demand


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