The world of smart cities apps

Roadify - Roadify takes transit schedules, service alerts, delays and other official data and adds a layer of crowdsourced commentary about local transit conditions from riders. We supplement these rider comments with Tweets and other proprietary data, providing Roadify with the most accurate service conditions available anywhere. If something is wrong with your commute, you’ll know about it first or have the opportunity to ensure other riders do.

Broadcastr - Broadcastr creates intimate and immersive experiences by

unlocking pictures and audio relevant to where you are. It turns your smartphone into a multimedia guide to the world, and everyone can contribute. [...] Take a walk while stories about your surroundings stream automatically to your phone. A celebrity chef whispers in your ear as you stroll past his favorite restaurant; a renowned architect guides you through lower Manhattan; a comedian shares a hilarious personal anecdote at her favorite bar. Your movement through the world becomes your search query. Download the app. Take a walk.

Change by Us - New Yorkers have always been full of great ideas about what will improve their neighborhoods. Use Change by Us NYC to broadcast to others what you have in mind. No idea is too big. No idea is too small. Join or Create Projects: Look for projects in

your neighborhood or around the city where you can help. You can also use Change by Us NYC to set up and lead your own project, and turn your idea into reality. Use Change by Us NYC to connect quickly with the people who will help your project from start to finish. Someone has the idea, someone has the plan, someone has the tools, and together you succeed.

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