Telcos strategies: Failing, but not yet a failure

This is a very old article on The Economist yet still relevant.

Hewlett-Packard … plans to scatter millions of sensors around the world … It is doing this to increase demand for its hardware, but it also hopes to offer services based on networks of sensors. For instance, a few thousand of them would make it possible to assess the state of health of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, says Stanley Williams, who leads the development of the sensors at HP. “Eventually”, he predicts, “everything will become a service. Apple, though it prides itself on its fancy hardware, is already well on its way towards transforming itself

into a service and data business thanks to the success of its iPhone. …  Much of the innovation in this field may come not from incumbents but from newcomers, and it may happen fastest on such platforms as Pachube.

Likely. However, if one looks at the smart cities agenda, IBM got that a while ago. Telcos who invest billions in R&D haven’t |o|  They have still time to learn from the smarter kids on the block though ;)

- daniele (missing his technology electives at the business school)

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