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Highlights from the Horizon Crowdsourcing for Transport Lab Talk, Nottingham, 25.01.2012

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Rob Houghton, Horizon on The Role of Social Media in Transportation

  • Transport providers still use social media primarily for marketing purposes
  • Users signal each other about disruptions and cause back-channel effects for transportation providers
  • Extracting the “rail” lexicon from Twitter to detect backchanneling

Louise Crow, Lead Developer,

  • Bother transport providers with transport issues reported by users
  • TfL has embraced the platform and uses it

    to improve its image and instill trust in passengers

  • They began crowdsourcing the relevant contact emails of responsible providers through a Google Spreadsheet

Matt Watkins, Tech Director – Mudlark –

  • They get permission from users to “scrape” their data from TfL
  • They have permission to do so on some level but TfL is not very happy so they are looking to take the game overground
  • They have lots of TfL data that they are willing to share

Tracy Ross & Chris Parker, Loughborough Design School – “Ideas in Transit”

  • “Grassroot collaboration” – mass collaboration for fixing problems
  • They do feasibility studies in experienced utility and travel behaviour: experience sampling + crowdsourcing
  • Explored the effects of presenting map information vs verbal information to users traveling with public transport and did accessibility studies for disabled travelers
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