Random Picks from ECML/PKDD 2010

I’m at the 2010 ECML/PKDD Conference in Barcelona, Spain; I’ll be presenting a paper (slides, paper) at the Workshop on Privacy and Security in Data Mining and Machine Learning (PSDML). Check out the real-time posts on twitter here.

Also, in a similar fashion to what Daniele did for CIKM 2010, here is a

completely arbitrary, title-biased pick of papers from the conference:

  • Demand Drive Tag Recommendation” by G.V. Menezes, J.M. Almeida, F. Belen, M.A. Goncalves, A. Lacerda, E.S. de Moura, G.L. Pappa, A. Veloso, N. Ziviani
  • Fast and Scalable Algorithms for Semi-Supervised Link Prediction on Static and Dynamic Graphs” by R. Raymond and H. Kashima
  • Collecting Traffic Forecasting” by M. Lippi, M. Bertini, P. Frasconi
  • Selecting Information Diffusion Models Over Social Networks for Behavioral Analysis” by K. Saito, M. Kimura, K. Ohara, H. Motoda
  • Finding Critical Nodes for Inhibiting Diffusion of Complex Contagions in Social Networks” by C.J. Kuhlman, V.S.A Kumar, M.V. Marathe, S.S. Ravi, D.J. Rosenkrantz
  • Analysis of Large Multi-Modal Social Networks: Patterns and a Generator” by N. Du, H. Wang, C. Faloutsos
  • Surprising Patterns for the Call Duration Distribution of Mobile Phone Users” by P.O.S. Vez de Melo, L. Akoglu, C. Faloutsos, A.A.F. Loureiro
  • Virus Propagation on Time-Varying Networks: Theory and Immunization Algorithms” by B.A. Prakash, H. Ton, N. Valler, M. Faloutsos, C. Faloutsos

The last four picks were, unsurprisingly, from the social-networks session.

Best Paper Awards:

  • Large Scale Image Annotation: Learning to Rank with Joint Word-Image Embeddings” by J. Weston, S. Bengio, N. Usunier
  • Accelerating Spectral Clustering with Partial Supervision” by D. Mavroeidis
  • A Geometric View of Conjugate Priors” by A. Agarwal and H. Daume III
  • A Game-Theoretic Framework to Identify Overlapping Communities in Social Networks” by W. Chen, Z. Liu, X. Sun, and Y. Wang

Workshops, with some picks:

  1. Analysis of Complex Networks
  2. Mining Ubiquitous and Social Environments
    • Towards Adjusting Mobile Devices to User’s Behaviours” F. Jungermann, K. Morik, N. Piatkowski, O. Spinczyk, M. Stolpe, P. Fricke
    • Discovering Trend-Based Clusters in Spatially Distributed Data Streams” by A. Ciampi, A. Appice, D. Malerba
  3. Supervised and Unsupervised Ensemble Methods and their Applications
  4. Preference Learning
    • Semantic-Based Destination Suggestion in Intelligent Tourism Information Systems” by M. Ceci, A. Appice, D. Malerba
  5. Handling Concept Drift in Adaptive Information Systems: Importance, Challenges, Solutions
  6. Third Generation Data Mining: Towards Service-Oriented Knowledge Discovery
  7. Privacy and Security Issues in Data Mining and Machine Learning
    • Content Based Filtering in On-line Social Networks” M. Vanetti, E. Binaghi, B. Carminati, M. Carullo, E. Ferrari
  8. Dynamic Networks and Knowledge Discovery
    • Stream Based Community Discovery via Relational Hypergraph Factorization on Evolving Networks” by C. Bockermann and F. Jungermann
    • Collaboration Based Social Tag Prediction in the Graph of Annotated Web Pages” by H. Rahmani, B. Nobakht, H. Blockeel
    • Automatic Sentiment Monitoring of Specific Topics in the Blogosphere” by F.S. Pimenta, D. Obradovi, R. Schirru, S. Baumann, A. Dengel
  9. Detection and Identification of Rare Audiovisual Cues
    • Anomaly Detection and Knowledge Transfer in Automatic Sports Video Annotation” by I. Almajai, F. Yan, T. de Campos, A. Khan, W. Christmas, D. Windridge, J. Kittler

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