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JTAER special issue on trust and trust management

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

The Open Access Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research has just published a special issue on trust and trust management (volume 5, issue 2, 2010), with Audun Jøsang and Glenn Bewsell as guest editors. While I am of course particularly happy that our paper on trust management for inter-enterprise collaborations appears there (see my earlier summary on what we do at the CINCO group), there are other reasons to go check out the issue too:

  • Transferring reputation ratings from one virtual community to another (Gal-Oz, Grinshpoun and Gudes) – another step towards reputation interoperability.
  • Ethnographic investigation of privacy issues in sharing personal photographs online (Cunningham, Masoodian and Adams).
  • Trust and fear influencing team-based global software development (Casey).
  • Quality processes and auditing as part of reputation management in eCommerce services (Alnemr, Koenig, Eymann and Meinel).
  • Privacy-aware trust management framework prototyped and examined through an employability case study (Böhm, Etalle, Hartog, Hütter, Traberlsi, Trivellato and Zannone).
  • A survey of a handful of trust and reputation systems and a comparison framework (Noorian and Ulieru) – I love surveys!
  • Technological, individual and social drivers of trust within digital ecosystems – (Wiedmann, Hennings, Varelmann and


  • I already mentioned our paper on reputation-based risk-aware trust management (Ruohomaa and Kutvonen), so I shouldn’t repeat it here. But it’s there! It summarizes a sizable part of my PhD thesis contribution, which I’ve spent the last eternity polishing. (Said book is once again “finally done”, sent to my supervisor today. We shall see.)

I will now go celebrate my momentary victory over writing – by reading.