chi report 2010

i’ve just finished to attend a chi presentation/report from cambridge folks. two fantastic videos at the end. now, some papers of interest:

An unobtrusive behavioral model of “gross national happiness” - this could catch the attention of people working on happiness/mood/emotions ;-) check out the facebook application

Blogging in a region of conflict: supporting transition to recovery - one interesting finding:  “blogs enable people experiencing a conflict to engage in dialogue with people outside their borders to discuss their situation”

Microblogging during two natural hazards events: what twitter may contribute to situational awareness

Pensieve: supporting everyday reminiscence - “everyday reminiscence by emailing memory triggers to people that contain either social media content they previously created on third-party websites or text prompts about common life experiences.”

Useful junk?: the effects of visual embellishment on comprehension and memorability of charts (best paper) – how to present a graph? cool info-graphics in the paper ;-) and interesting analysis of precision of retrieving charts vs. recall after 3 weeks

Crowdsourcing graphical perception: using mechanical turk to assess visualization design - they repeated some info visualization experiments on mechturk

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