decode at v&a

today i went to decode an exhibition of digital media at the v&a museum in london. the exhibition nicely combines science, art, & web 2.0 and gets exponentially better as one walks through the gallery. worth a visit! here is a nice post.  bbc video. a list of my favorites follows:

weave mirror

“daniel rozin’s weave mirror uses 768 motorised laminated c-shaped prints which go from light to dark. the user stands in front of a screen: the shadow they cast behind them is then translated into a ghostly portrait on the weave mirror as each element whirrs and clanks into place acting as a mechanical pixel”

24 hours of flight data

aaron koblin’s flight patterns, tracking plane journeys across North America over a single day.  beautiful simplistic visual stylization

house of cards

radiohead’s house of cards video

and for web 2.0 folks:
we feel fine

“jonathan harris and sep kamvar’s we feel fine filters the data firehose of the world’s weblogs, identifying and displaying statements of emotion as coloured, clickable onscreen bubbles.”

digital zoetrope

troika’s spinning zoetrope of unintelligible code and brief, poetic phrases depicting snatches of london lives (“belgravia/repossessed/lamborghini/she left”),

sensity involves collecting data  across the city of london using sensor networks. the data  is then visualized to “make art.”

more on decode: flickr imgs | wired review

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