The future of mobile search: synchronization & personalization

1) “In an amusingly titled WWW 2009 paper, “Computers and iPhones and Mobile Phones, oh my!” , a quartet of Googlers offer some thoughts on where mobile search may be going. In particular, based on log analysis of iPhone searches, they claim search on mobile devices is not likely to differ from normal web search once people upgrade to the latest phones. They go on to predict that an important future feature for mobile search will be providing history and personalization synchronized across all of a person’s computers and mobile devices.” (here)

2)  Enhancing Mobile Recommender Systems with Activity Inference by Kurt Partridge and Bob Price “  This paper describes how to infer a user’s high-level activity automatically to improve recommendations. Activity is determined by interpreting a combination of current sensor data, models generated from historical sensor data, and priors from a large time-use study. We present an initial user study that shows an increase in prediction accuracy from 62% to over 77%, and discuss the challenges of integrating activity  representations into a user model.

3) Potential for personalization.  To appear in ACM:Transaction on Computer Human Interaction 09

Why I blog about this: Very relevant to Licia‘s research on Pervasive Social Computing

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