DemocraBus (crowdsource bus driving): Genius!

Yesterday I was watching Genius and I loved it!!!!!! Members of the public write to the comedian Dave Gorman with their funny ideas. Then Dave gets a guest on the show to decide if the ideas are Genius, or not.”

Brendan put forward a brilliant idea: how to crowdsource bus driving (1 and half minute of madness!) – every passenger has a steering wheel and the direction of the bus is determined by what the majority of passengers tell it to do. Unfortunately, it got the thumbs down

3 Responses to “DemocraBus (crowdsource bus driving): Genius!”

  1. In the YouTube video has not been shown but they run an experiment
    ( “Witness the man in the first programme, who mounted a heroic defence of the Democrabus, an otherwise normal bus on which passengers would be allowed to cast a vote for where it went. Despite an audience experiment which showed that agreeing on a destination would be impossible, the proposer of the Democrabus maintained his merry optimism. “It’s a matter of swings and roundabouts,” he declared…”