WikiRank and Car Traffic Data

Wikirank uses Wikipedia’s traffic data to see what’s interesting on the web. One could use car traffic data to spot what’s interesting on our streets. The question of course is how ;-)

Why I blog this? It’s relevant to Ilias’ research. Plus, Licia will start a cool project on using mobile data for navigating cities – she currently has an opening on that – check her website! For more, stay tuned.

2 Responses to “WikiRank and Car Traffic Data”

  1. WikiRank has just been launched – here

  2. Similarly:

    Microsoft’s answer to PageRank: BrowseRank
    Rather than using a mathematical algorithm done through link structures, BrowseRank sorts and ranks web pages based on human behavior. Essentially, a page will be ranked based on how many users visit it, and how long each users spends on the page. This algorithm, according to Microsoft, is “continuous-time”, which allegedly makes it much more reliable than a link-structured algorithm.

    paper pdf

    SEO review