Hulu gets it right

“After much confusion, it is becoming clear what works in online video …” Hulu (Hulu Who?) seems to be successful by any measure. Online video -sharing should:

  • Be as simple as YouTube is cluttered
  • Be Web-based; no additional software to be downloaded (Joost’s biggest flaw)
  • (more importantly) Support advertising rather than charging for downloads. Hulu has only professional content, and advertisers love it. … Hulu now offers content from more than 110 partners. Plus, people watching tend to sit still, whereas people listening tend to move.

2 Responses to “Hulu gets it right”

  1. Ettore says:

    If I’m not wrong now joost can be seen online without downloading any additional software, so at least they understood this. I nevertheless agree with the other points :)

  2. Hey man, good to hear from you. You are definitely right – they learned the lesson the hard way