Enabling New Mobile Applications with Location Proofs

Idea of : Any device can request a location proof from the infrastructure when it is within communication range; the recipient device can then transmit the proof obtained from the infrastructure to any application that wishes to verify the device’s location.

Applications: store discounts for loyal customers (frequent visitors), green commuting proof, location-restricted content delivery, reducing fraud on auction websites, and police investigations (alibis producing).

One Response to “Enabling New Mobile Applications with Location Proofs”

  1. mike says:

    I wonder how they prevent the wormhole attack? Even if the devices and APs are tamper-proof, what’s to stop someone putting a radio transceiver near an AP, linked to another radio transceiver near a device, and forwarding signals through the wormhole so the device appears to be within range of the AP? I’m not sure whether timing-based defences would work if the latency between the device and whoever’s requesting the location proof (a website, say) is comparable to the latency of the wormhole.