I don’t know how it works but it seems to be a nice mobile testbed. Anyone knows more?

“An award-winning, ground-breaking product designed by Mobile Complete, DeviceAnywhere™ provides developers real-time interaction with handsets that are connected to live global networks. Built on Mobile Complete’s innovative device interaction technology, Direct-To-Device™, DeviceAnywhere enables you to connect to and control mobile devices around the world – using just the Internet. Through DeviceAnywhere’s original, non-simulated, real-time platform, you can remotely press buttons, view LCD displays, listen to ringers and tones, and play videos … just as if you were holding the device in your hands!”

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  1. Tzahi says:

    I’ve worked with deviceanywhere last month, testing mobile web site on one of their packages. Their service is good, not to mention their support which is excellent.
    However, I’m looking forward for having more packages from more countries like India, Russia and Italy.