On social web: open & privacy-friendly

From the Economist: Websites can now let visitors bring along their friends. A NEW button is appearing on some websites. It says “Facebook Connect” and saves visitors from having to fill out yet another tedious registration form, upload another profile picture and memorise another username and password. Instead, visitors can now sign into other sites using their existing identity on Facebook. …The big new idea, says Dave Morin, a Facebook Connect manager, is “dynamic privacy”. It means that, as the social network reaches out across the wider web, users will in theory take their privacy settings with them. Wherever on the web they are, they will be able to choose who among their friends will and won’t see what they are up to. As soon as a user demotes a “friend” from intimate to arm’s-length in his Facebook settings, this will also take effect on other sites.

One Response to “On social web: open & privacy-friendly”

  1. Licia says:

    What I find still missing is the possibility to manage different virtual networks in a simple, clean way. As you quoted above, “As soon as a user demotes a “friend” from intimate [...] this will also take effect on other sites.”. Why should one change effect other sites too? I may be very close friend to both A and B, but willing to share different aspects of my life with them. As I understand, there is no way of easily manage that at present, if not by creating and managing two separate identities…