User-Controlled Metadata for Portable Content

This paper proposes that digital content’s metadata should not be retained by a specific company but should be part of the content itself- for example, tags on a picture should not only be stored by Flickr but should be attached to the picture itself. The result is that the picture is portable onto websites other than Flickr. Two additional points:

  • “Currently, these APIs are exposed only through predefined interfaces and controls offered by the format, exposed only insofar as the API allows. This inherently limits what a creative content author can do with this information, and the manner in which this information can be accessed by the end-user.”
  • “The manner in which metadata is consumed also opens new possibilities. End-users may choose to filter the metadata on its provenence, such as the author of the comment or timestamp, or the site or application that inserted it. When this metadata resides in the file, that possibility persists no matter if the file is on some popular Website or on the user’s hard-drive.”

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