Selected start-ups at Mobile 2.0

[Cool video on the aka-aki website]

  • aka-aki (Germany) – focuses on Proximity Networking, as in mobile social networking with Bluetooth-sensing capabilities.
  • Dial2Do (Ireland) – Dial2Do lets you do common tasks by just calling a number and speaking.
  • Nimbuzz (Netherlands) – Mobile IM and Text Message Service.
  • Rummble (UK) – a location based discovery tool and social search platform.
  • Seesmic (USA) – a video service mimicking and aggregating your favorite web products.
  • Zipipop (Finland) – a start-up that is developing Zipiko, a mobile service for sorting your social life on the go.
  • Wubud (UK) – Wubud allows you to take your social network in your back pocket everywhere you go.

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