Machine Learning Applications to Music

Louis gave a very interesting talk about his research on applying machine learning to music. Interestingly, among other things, he discussed two issues of music retrievial:

1) Does the use tags improve retrieval algorithms? In my opinion, the answer is a qualified yes. Case in point: this month at Recsys, Licia and Valentina will present an effective  way of retrieving items (e.g., music files) . Their technique exploits two types of similarity  (item similarity and user similarity), both of which are computed only from (user-specified) tags.  Check section 3 of this paper (short description) and their RecSys paper (complete description).

2) Exsting retrievial algorithms learn your music taste and assume  that it does not change over time. What if you change your taste? That’s a question Neal will answer at, again, RecSys this month. Check his paper.

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