Solving Research Problems

There’s an interesting post on techcrunch based on a comment by Google’s Marissa Mayer, who apparently said that search is “90-95% solved.” Regardless of the context in which this comment was made, the post’s response is that the problem is not solved: it then outlines a number of areas where information retrieval has yet to succeed. However, (reminiscent of a short question that appeared in the panels of RecSys 2007) there are other questions to ask: when is ANY research question “solved?” What does it mean for a problem (like information retrieval or collaborative filtering) to be “solved?”


One Response to “Solving Research Problems”

  1. I guess one can say whether a problem is solved or not if the problem is a theoretical one (e.g., solving Fermat’s Last Theorem). It’s more difficult (read: impossible) to do so for practical problems :-)