Ubicomp’s program is out

Here are the titles of the papers and the notes that will be published:


  • The Heterogenous Home
  • A Context-aware Patient Safety System for the Operating Room
  • It’s in Your Eyes – Towards Context-Awareness and Mobile HCI Using Wearable EOG Goggles
  • Getting to Green: Understanding Resource Consumption in the Home
  • Flowers or a Robot Army? Encouraging Awareness & Activity with Personal, Mobile Displays
  • The Potential for Location-Aware Power Management
  • Real World Activity Recognition with Multiple Goals
  • Discovery of Activity Patterns using Topic Models
  • Who will be the customer?: A social robot that anticipates peopleĆ­s behavior from their trajectories
  • Deploy Spontaneously: Supporting End-Users in Building and Enhancing a Smart Home
  • Using Wearable Sensors and Real Time Inference to Understand Human Recall of Routine Activities
  • Localization In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Cumulative Route Information
  • Designing Sociable IT for Public Use
  • Dealing with Sensor Displacement in Motion-Based Onbody Activity Recognition
  • Lifelogging Memory Appliance for People with Episodic Memory Impairment
  • Design and Implementation of a Secure Wireless Mote-Based Medical Sensor Network
  • An Empirical Investigation of Concerns of Everyday Tracking and Recording Technologies
  • On Using Existing Time-Use Study Data for Ubiquitous Computing Applications
  • Online Everywhere: Evolving Mobile Instant Messaging Practices
  • Reflecting on the Invisible: Understanding End-User Perceptions of Ubiquitous Computing
  • Living with the Tableau Machine: A Longitudinal Investigation of a Curious Domestic Intelligence
  • MobiRate: Making Mobile Raters Stick to their Word
  • Plastic: A Metaphor for Integrated Technologies
  • CILoS: A CDMA Indoor Localization System
  • Spyn: Augmenting Handcraft to Support Storytelling and Reflection
  • Mixed-Initiative Conflict Resolution for Context-aware Applications
  • Protecting your Daily In-Home Activity Information from a Wireless Snooping Attack
  • Wideband PowerLine Positioning for Indoor Localization
  • Accurate Activity Recognition in a Home Setting
  • Picture This! Film assembly using toy gestures
  • Bookisheet: Bendable Device for Browsing Content Using the Metaphor of Leafing Through the Pages
  • Pedestrian Localisation for Indoor Environments
  • Schema Matching for Context-Aware Computing
  • A Quantitative Investigation of Inertial Power Harvesting for Human-powered Devices
  • Understanding Mobility Based on GPS Data
  • Navigate Like a Cabbie: Probabilistic Reasoning from Observed Context-Aware Behavior


  • Using Visualizations to Increase Compliance in Experience Sampling
  • Interactionist AI and the promise of ubicomp, or, how to put your box in the world without putting the world in your box
  • Enhanced Shopping: A Dynamic Map in a Retail Store
    Improving the Recognition of Interleaved Activities
  • Towards the Automated Social Analysis of Situated Speech Data
  • Accessible Contextual Information for Urban Navigation

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