The ladder of fame: Few tyrants at the top

To write down a decent research statement (one showing a “vision”), I turned into a McKinsey research analyst these days – I’m reading far more McKinsey Quarterly reports than academic papers, and they aren’t that bad! ;-) In a report that dates back to Aug 07, the authors surveyed 573 users of 4 leading video-sharing websites in Germany and found out:

Why users upload videos: Fame!

Who posts popular content: Few tyrants!

Few other interesting points:

  • Visitors under 25 years of age made up the bulk of the video-viewing audience.
  • Members in the 25- to 44-year-old age group contributed equally to postings & tended to forward videos to friends even more frequently than do their younger peers.
  • Companies will have to look beyond video-sharing sites for approaches to maximize the quality of the content. Those sites are concerned primarily with popularity, whereas corporate wikis and content sites (such as Wikipedia) gain momentum when new visitors discover and contribute high-quality content, which in turn makes the sites worthwhile for yet more newcomers. To improve the quality of internal wikis, then, companies might look to the quality assurance practices of open-source coding projects, which rely on appointed and self-appointed guardians to police quality issues.

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