IYOUIT: mobile service to share personal experiences on the go

Officially released today: “[...] IYOUIT allows for an instant automated sharing of personal experiences within communities online. [...] The cutting edge of IYOUIT is in how information about and around the mobile user is automatically collected, analyzed and enriched for an enhanced user experienced and extra value to Web2.0 services. [...] IYOUIT is based on its own framework of software components to host various services and data sources. Framework components, for instance, track the positions of users via GPS and cellular information and identify places of interest over time by learning form their past behavior. Sharing your life with IYOUIT is easy! In the same way that you can communicate experiences to others, IYOUIT provides you with an easy access to the whereabouts of your buddies, informs you about local weather conditions and uploads photos you take and sounds you record. And if you come across an interesting book (or other products), simply take a picture of the ISBN code or the product ID with your phone, and IYOUIT will fill in the blanks for instant exchange with your friends. IYOUIT also records scanned Bluetooth or WLAN beacons and aggregates all data mentioned before into a wealth of context information that you may share with others worldwide on the Web and on the mobile phone.”

More info and free downloads @ http://www.iyouit.eu.

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  1. [...] these systems is not at all easy, due to the lack of suitable datasets, but projects like IYOUIT may soon come to the [...]