Barcode wikipedia

“You could snap a photo of your product’s barcode or tap in buy viagra from canada the numbers and get back information (Wikipedia entry) that helps you decide whether it’s good to buy.” Designing and building such an architecture would be a nice group project for our Master students. How to bootstrap the (wiki) user base? By focusing on university-related products?

The 6 ideas of the Socila Innovation Camp have been briefly explained in this video (starting from minute 2:55)

P.S. How about tagging ‘project’ the posts that suggest ideas for student projects? One never knows what can come out of it ;-)

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  1. True, this would definitely make a good student project. All the source code is online, ready to be built on and extended. Links and full presentation video is on my Barcode Wikipedia blog post.

  2. We hope to get few students to work on it

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