Get Ready to Rummble!

The very last session of the IFIPTM 2008 conference was a demo session; there were 3 demos run and the one that I liked the most was Rummble is a web site that, much like other web2.0 ideas, has as foundations a social network: the interesting addition, though (and what makes it so appropriate for a conference on trust) is that when you add a friend you can say how much you trust their opinions. You then go on to “rummble” different locations (shops/restaurants/clubs), by rating, tagging, and describing them with a comment. The neat thing is that combining trust, rating similarity, and social distance, the site can then predict how much you will like other places that you have not rummbled, and colours them accordingly. The site is also fully mobile!

I really like the site’s design and, apart from a few glitches here and there, it looks like a great tool that I will use. I would really like to see their lookup function improved (so that I don’t have to first google a restaurant for its address and then rummble it). I also heard plenty of comments about the very interesting research that could be done with the data they are slowly gathering: for example, would recommendations be better if you could trust people differently for different contexts (I like your music but not your restaurants!)?

If anyone involved in Rummble reads this, and would like to write a guest-post about the site, please get in touch with me. More news from the conference is on its way!

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