10 mobile social networks to watch

It’s a developing field – and there are issues such as hardware compatibility to overcome… But, it’s a potentially very lucrative market (975 million Mobile Web users expected by 2012). Summary of this post.

1. Dada: to update personal blogs with pictures and video, download mobile entertainment, connect with and meet other local singles in real time and stay in contact with all their friends.

2. Strands: to find music andto network with friends via mobile phones. plus, partyStrands (its service for party organizers, bars, clubs and DJs).

3. Itsmy: to MySpace with your phone

4. Frengo: For developers: (1) to extend support for the Open Social and Facebook platforms to the mobile phone; (2) to monetize applications via the company’s social advertising platform or via premium SMS.

5. Twango: (acquired by Nokia) to organize and share photos, videos and other personal media; in the future, to enable users to share multimedia content through their desktop and mobile devices

6. Shozu: to share your videos and photos via your mobile phone – e.g. from your Flickr account, YouTube, Facebook.

7. Brightkite: to keep track of where friends may be at any moment (no GPS required – users can send updates to the service via text messaging or email, to update their profile with location updates, pictures, and notes; 2. a host of privacy settings; 3. Twitter users are increasingly using the network to update friends with status locations sent to their Twitter streams). Cool!!!

8. Zyb: to backup and synchronize your contacts online (store your phone numbers, calendar and texts, manage this information online; transfer contacts to a new phone).

9. Groovr: to post a picture, message, or video to your Groovr profile and have it sent to all your friends too (the only feature remotely unique is a city’s Explore page on Groovr – all of your posted items are sent to the corresponding cities Explore page)

10. Fon11: to see just how far away your contacts are from you, availability status messages, visibility settings and more (could become the hottest mobile social network for the iPhone; already been ported to Android and Nokia Web Runtime with development plans in the works for J2ME and Windows Mobile platforms; GPS remains an issue)

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