Mobblog Introspection

Quite a while ago I announced that this blog was a year old, and circulated an survey to see what people think of it. Here are the results:

First Questions: Where from/do you read the blog: An incredible 6 people answered the survey. Really flocking in to give their answers.  5 of them (83.3%) are from UCL, and one brave non-UCL reader contributed the rest (thank you!). Of these people, 5/6 say they read the blog, the other one does not: maybe he/she thought that the survey had a prize?

Other blogs read: There were lots mentioned, including techcrunch, the grouplens blog, pasta & vinegar, the blog, We don’t all read the same things. Maybe we could use a recommender system for blogs? Only one person does not subscribe to other blogs (maybe its the person who wanted the prize).

Content: All the content was listed as “interesting” … and it seems that those participating want to use the blog as a venue for open discussion. Make a post about a problem, ask some questions, see what other people think: and when I say problem, I doubt it means “here’s my phd title, do my work.” But it definitely draws on the idea that research should not be a lonely adventure.

Ratings: The name 3.3*, the look/theme 2.6* (most controversial topic), amount of content 2.83*, content is interesting 4.3*, content is relevant 4*

Contribution: 4 of our kind survey responders post to the blog. Now that’s an easy one to de-anonymise.  Why don’t the others contribute? Because 1 person is not from our research group, the other doesn’t think his/her work is relevant to the blog.

Big questions: should the blog be extended to the whole nets group? Yes wins with 66.7% of the votes. “I don’t care” and “No” tie with 16.7% each. How can the blog be improved?A nice suggestion was including a statement of scope- like a blog mission statement. Another suggestion was to send out periodic summaries- but here we are crossing into a mailing list? The last suggestion was one-word: theme. Conclusion: someone hates the (old) theme.

The rest of the comments remain anonymous for now.

If you want to alter the results, the survey is still open. Any thoughts?

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