Information Overload

Many of us are researching ways of reducing information overload. The next The Economist Oxford-style debate revolves around information overload. The proposition: “This house believes that if the promise of technology is to simplify our lives, it is failing.” The pro speaker: Richard Szafranski (Toffler Associates). The con: John Maeda (MIT).

“Many of us are discovering that the proliferation of information tools, services and channels makes managing our own personal and professional information increasingly difficult. Some go so far as to claim that information overload is diminishing people’s ability to be effective. Are there better ways to manage the vast amounts of information assaulting users on a daily basis? Do new technologies and informationstreams promote progress or confusion? And are people losing their ability to reflect rather than just react?”

Debate event schedule
* Feb 26th – Opening statements posted
* Feb 29th – Rebuttals: share your comments on the issues so far, and vote
* March 5th – Closing arguments by the speakers.
* March 7th – Debate winner announced

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