Shopping Social Networks by ebay

Social Networks are expanding in all areas, so why not also in the shopping field?

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Ebay took advantage of the new trend and has just created more than 600 social Networks with the name “Neighborhoods”, which are focused around a central product or topic theme like ‘iphone’ , ‘star wars’, even ‘coffee lovers’ (The latter seems to be the most popular so far with 453 members). By this way sellers and buyers come together and can exchange opinions, recommendations, stories. More info on the subject at the TechCrunch site


One Response to “Shopping Social Networks by ebay”

  1. Great post! That is a brilliant move, if the thesis of this book is any good:

    The thesis is: “We are not discrete, self-determine individuals. We do what we do [(eg, we decide to buy)] largely because of our interaction with – and under the influence of – others. And mostly without realizing it.”

    The book focuses on marketing, but most of its claims may well apply to (will likely shape the future of) social computing.