Facebook and the Long Tail

In previous posts we were discussing the long-tailed characteristic of music, books, and other physical items. It now seems that this characteristic is also applicable to facebook apps:

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  1. Chris Anderson who authored “The Long Tail” had two posts on that

    1) http://www.thelongtail.com/the_long_tail/2007/10/are-facebook-ap.html
    The chart is “very top-heavy, with the top 84 apps of the 5,000 analyzed having 87% of the traffic. People have rightly pointed out that this is just the opposite of Long Tail theory, which would argue for a “fat tail”, with the top 100 having, say, only a bit more than half the market.”

    2) http://www.thelongtail.com/the_long_tail/2007/10/answer-facebook.html
    “I’d asked Tim O’Reilly for the underlying data on their Facebook app analysis so I could plot it log-log and see if it was really a powerlaw (Long Tail) distribution. He did me one better and had his own people do the analysis, and they did it far better than I could. Short answer: it’s not a powerlaw.”

  2. Neal Lathia says:

    Interesting.. did they say what it is then?

  3. No. They are still discussing :-) There are two camps:

    The 1st says the distribution is not power-law and there are many reasons for that

    The 2nd camp says the distribution will become power-law; it just needs time


  4. Neal Lathia says:

    Since Facebook has recently introduced its targetted ads:

    One guy (here) has gone through the statistics that facebook presents about the different networks it has.

    The full results can be seen here. Maybe one of the interesting things is that that the proportion of female to male is (in all networks shown) in favour of females?