Mobile Social Shopping

The Utiforo project that some of us here are involved in (see previous posts) is sub-titled “pervasive computing support for market trading;” the broad goal of the project is to bridge the gap between online and offline commerce by researching the applicability of trust to this scenario. One of the sub-goals of our partners at Sussex is to develop a navigation kiosk application, to capture user policies as they roam shopping centres.

However, I’ve read a couple recent articles that show that commercial applications are most likely one step ahead: Wishpot, for example, allows users to upload and share items of interest (via mobile phone text messages or photographs) to their online profile. They can then use their profile, along with various social-network features, to research prices, view user-ratings, and receive recommendations. Other commercial applications include Kaboodle, Stylehive, Zlio, and MyPickList. One site even quoted that these services will bring about the end of impulse buying (by allowing users quick access to price comparisons and product quality assessments)!

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