Movida Tech en BCN

Baja Beach Club in Barcelona. Bikini-clad waitresses serve drinks to guest as a DJ mixes music from a motorboat perched above the dance floor. The club is the biggestg “beach club” in Barcelona and has also a member-only VIP area. To be a member, you need to get implanted an RFID tag in your arm. The tag is encoded with your credit card number for quick and easy payment. Conrad Chase (the club’s owner) points out that many people already have pierciengs and tattoos. “Having a radio-transmitting chip under your skin makes you very unique”, he says. Ya, right!

American Express is a step ahead of Conrad. The company has patented a technique to track people in the public places based on the RFID tags in their clothing and products they carry.

(more on The Economist, April 28th ’07)

One Response to “Movida Tech en BCN”

  1. neal says:

    I read somewhere that removing these things is “as easy as extracting a small splinter.” Ouch!

    Also (from here, where they were discussing using the same technique on alzheimer’s patients) “According to the FDA, risks associated with the VeriChip include MRI incompatibility, electrical hazard, and adverse tissue reaction, to name just a few.”