Portable Reputations

In UTIFORO (a new research project), we may explore how sellers may “port” their reputation from eBay to informal markets. That might relate to this:
Last year I mentioned eBay’s Feedback system and said it was arguably their biggest asset. Even with its flaws, I said, it is one the biggest drivers of trust between two people buying and selling who’ve never met and never will. But it’s a closed system, usable only within eBay and only for eBay transactions.
We needed an internet-wide identity and feedback system that any reputable application can tap into, both pulling and pushing data.
At the time we had taken a look at iKarma, but they seemed to have missed the boat by ignoring the portability aspect of reputation.
Rapleaf launched in April. And while it’s still quite early, it does exactly what we need it to do – provide a good off-ebay reputation system. eBay banned Rapleaf in May (They learned their lesson with PayPal it seems), but the company is still chugging along.

4 Responses to “Portable Reputations”

  1. neal says:

    How are these communities formed, and the initial community trust values determined?

  2. cecilia says:

    have you seen the Mobicom05 paper about Mobile Bazaar? They use an ebay like system to alllow trust among peers who want to share resources in a coffee like place or in town…

  3. Thanks for the pointer. It sounds interesting – I’ll read it as soon as I can!

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