Trust and reputation at AAMAS

The program of AAMAS is out. Some of us may be interested in:

An Incentive Mechanism for Message Relaying in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems
Information Searching and Sharing in Large-Scale Dynamic Networks
A Multi-Agent System for Building Dynamic Ontologies
Incentive Compatible Ranking Systems
On the Benefits of Cheating by Self-Interested Agents in Vehicular Networks
An Agent-Based Approach for Privacy-Preserving Recommender Systems
Effective Tag Mechanisms for Evolving Coordination
Distributed Task Allocation in Social Networks
Selecting Trust Evidences: an intuitive approach based on presumptive reasoning and domain analysis
Dynamically Learning Sources of Trust Information: Experience vs. Reputation
Rumours and Reputation: Evaluating Multi-Dimensional Trust within a Decentralised Reputation System

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