Animal Tags for People?

Two cousin companies bet the fast-expanding market for animal RFID chips will extend to humans before long
… Digital tags are expected to be affixed to the U.S.’s 40 million farm animals to enable regulators to track and respond quickly to disease, bioterrorism, and other calamities. Opponents have many fears about this plan, among them that it could be the forerunner of a similar system for humans. …

Well, all you conspiracy buffs, let me introduce you to Kevin McGrath and Scott Silverman. … more

2 Responses to “Animal Tags for People?”

  1. ilias says:

    I really do not agree with that…
    I allready do not feel that comfortable with all these cameras and the monitoring via credit card records/supermarket cards…

    I am sure that these “medical” id will be used to identify people in other places too. What is the next step? Having to pass from an RFID scanner every time you get on plain? or even a bus/tube?

    I don’t want people to know who I am when I don’t want them to…, this violates my privacy!


  2. Another news on that point:

    Last week’s news included reports that the DoD had discovered Canadian coins with hidden radio transmitters had been planted on DoD contractors with classified security clearances. The report in question was Technology Collection Trends in the U.S. Defense Industry issued by the Defense Security Service.