Hot m-commerce companies

. Loopt launched a service for subscribers with phones that contain location-savvy GPS devices. Loopt is aimed at members of social networks who want to keep constant tabs on one another, aided by pictures, maps, and alerts that sound when a friend is nearby.
. Eyeka has been started to build a community of users and partners who will create, share, comment on, and sell quality video and photo content.
. Jajah lets people make free or inexpensive Web calls from regular and mobile phones. iSkoot’s software users send Skype calls via their voice networks.
. AdMob allows advertisers like eBay, Nokia, and Adidas to buy mobile ads on various sites, and lets those sites sell mobile ads.

3 Responses to “Hot m-commerce companies”

  1. neal says:

    Lots of interesting privacy issues!

  2. liam says:

    As much as I like my friends, and love new technology; there is no way they are getting to keep location tabs on me.

  3. d.quercia says:

    In a similar vein, iFIND ( will give all 20,000 members of the MIT community the ability to accurately calculate their location on campus, using WiFi access points, and to choose if, when and with whom they want to share it with.

    Carlo Ratti, director of the SENSEable City Lab, described this new form of social networking as”friendspotting”: “Imagine coming out of a class in a faraway corner of the MIT campus, and instantly knowing which friends are nearby, or being able to dynamically schedule an appointment with a faculty member based on his or her proximity to you,” he said.